Dear Lil Wayne,

Please grow up. You have to resist the temptation to be a syrup sipping, underage girl poking, groupie screwing, typical rapper. The rumor mill is spinning! Although, this seems less like a rumor and more like most rappers reality. They are saying that you had sex with one of your underage groupies. Is this really a shocker? No. You did have three women pregnant around the same time. So we know you like to screw unprotected as well. My question is why? You always strike me as an intelligent man who was foiled by his own stupid decisions. I know you are not the only rapper living their life on the verge of pending death but I consider you one of the more talented, charismatic ones of our time. That means something coming from me because most rappers sux now in my opinion. You have been blessed to be one of the young African American males who made it out of the street of New Orleans. You are also an entertainer that get honey pots of all ages, races and creeds thrown at you daily. Knowing this fact, you have to be strong. Most men who are young and in the “industry” are weak-minded and because of that it is difficult for them to keep it in their pants. Notice I said most, not all. However, this does not excuse your behavior or prevent you from receiving consequences from said behavior.

Sometimes when the “Universe”, “God”, “Buddah”, whomever, is attempting to save us from ourselves he will throw certain obstacles in our direction that will force us to slow down for a while and think. In your case that obstacle is your year long prison sentence. This is the Universe’s way of telling you that you are headed in the wrong direction but still have some time left to save yourself from further self destruction. Notice I said “some.” When you are headed down a drug-induced, self-inflicted path of pain, you tend to not cherish the life you have. Why? Because when you are submerged in the lifestyle, you are unable to see how quickly you are falling further into it. In your case you are at a higher risk than some. You have sleep apnea and like to sip syrup and do drugs. Sleep apnea is the same illness that caused fellow syrup drinker and Rapper Pimp C to loose his life. I once saw this brought to your attention during an interview and you dismissed the notion of the same fate happening to you.

All of the greats have experienced the Universe’s attempt to slow them down from the path of self-destruction. You are not the first nor will you be the last. Tupac, Elvis, Jimmy Hendrix, Biggie, Michael Jackson, Janis Joplin. I can go on and on. Right before their death there was some moment or experience where they were forced to slow down. Whether it was for a month or even a year. After that moment they reached a cross road where they had to decide for themselves their fate. My fear is that like these artists, you will continue on your wild escapades and go on to a similar end as them. “So I sips syrup, screw everything I can get my hands on and do all types of drugs, that does not mean I’m nearing death.” Some would agree with you. I counter it by saying sure it seems harmless, you sip a little here, screw a little 15 year old there, no harm, no foul. However it always seems that way when you are engulfed in the lifestyle and living in the moment. You are unable to see yourself. In your case, you are too deep to “feel your face”.

I’m sad to say that it does not seem like you have many people around you to guide you and that are looking out for your well-being.

If they are, then they are probably afraid to speak up for fear that you will ultimately cut ties with them, thus ending their ability to live off your luxurious lifestyle.

Below is a picture of you with a young girl whom they are saying you screwed. She is the typical white teenager who thinks that you are her dream man. Just as most teenage girls (and some boys) of all races would. I blame her parents for their angel’s sluttiness, but I blame you more because you have much more to lose than she does. Especially as a black entertainer who is on the top. All it takes is the wrong groupie, the wrong chick to cry rape.

Think Tupac circa 1994. More importantly, all it takes is the wrong honey pot to give you something that you cannot ignore. I’m not talking about another baby.

So perhaps you never slept with her and this was just a friendly picture between an artist and their fan. That is possible. It still does not take away from the fact that you have been issued your first warning from the Universe. There is no rule or law as to whether you will receive another. There is no need for more senseless death.

Sincerely looking out for a brothers health,

LJ Knight

*According to a posting on Facebook Lil Wayne has been spreading love with some underage girls. The post includes pictures of Weezy with a young girl who is supposedly 16. The poster wrote the following message with the pictures:


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  1. Galaxy Killah

    he wasnt referring to the essay, he means the whole story itself. It comes from BX.

    • Tiara

      Who cares! Its the internet – CNN broke Haiti! So does that mean everyone mentions CNN – no! Not how it works – at all. Also, there is no way you CAN PROVE you broke it. Guys, I would give up this trying to get credit thing. Check the source at the bottom of the article.

  2. Shiela

    Open letter to Lil Wayne… What do you know about growing up in the NO? Wayne hasn’t had some pretty life like you my dear, and you say he should act like a gentleman? Also you didn’t post anything to suggest he ‘took advantage’ of said girl. Since your source is facebook, you should burn this letter, or most likely face legal action from them.

    • Caution

      READ THE PIECE!! Look at the source. Silly young kids it’s all over the web so I guess everyone from Media Take Out to everyone else is in “big trouble”huh. Wayne stan…smh.

    • shiela there is alot more than that facebook…you should check out the boxden site…and yes we can prove we broke the story. its timestamped on the forum 2 days before anyone. and we have the original pics. anyway…comparing a disaster to an investigative piece is pretty dumb.

    • Hi Everyone,
      The article is an Open Letter to Wayne – not about “breaking the story”. This story is posted on lots of main stream sites. We are not sure what the posters are asking but the story is an original article written for Clutch and any issues about the”breaking” of the story and asking for “credit” should be taken up with OTHER sites such as the “source” at the bottom of the article.

      Here on Clutch we do not engage in back and forth on issues that are not commentary about an article. There for comments will now be closed.

      If you have any questions please email me @ [email protected]



  3. hahah LMAO at Galaxy Killah…..hahah im waitin for blockburner226 killah to show up hahah

  4. and we have the emails from when all the mediatakeouts and ects communicated with us about the story. and we supplied them with the pics.

  5. To Boxden Posters:

    It’s unfortunate that your article leaked prematurely or was bounced around the net but being journalists who contribute information online, I’m sure you’re well aware that it can and generally will be used by others. I didn’t get the information from your site and furthermore I sincerely doubt anyone cares where the story came from in the first place! I turned an otherwise humdrum, run of the mill, quickly over saturated rumor into a piece people care about.

    As far as Clutch stating that you broke the story, it’d be difficult to prove at the very least. I originally got the scoop from UrbanDaily.com AND credited to them. If I’d gotten it from your site, I would’ve done the same. There’s no need to steal because we play with ethics over here. Thanks for taking the time to read my article and please feel free to read http://www.yeahshesaidit.com because if you won’t say it, I will!