57444765When exactly does a boy become a man? When he reaches the age of 18 or has a certain number of children? When he can afford the “right” car? Maybe it’s when he’s (somewhat) mastered the ability to control premature ejaculation. Who knows, but the official definition of maturity is something that has reached full development, or is in perfected condition. Hmmm. This may explain why real men are so highly coveted by members of the opposite sex, they’re very appealing, and they’re a lot like a diamond in the rough.

But it’s time to get real here. There are whole lotta boys out there masquerading around as men. Age is truly nothing but a number –so why do we often allow ourselves to be deceived by matters of chronology? The term arrested development comes to mind at the very thought of grown boys out there playing the role. At the risk of going soft on these counterfeit grown-ups, it’s important to keep in mind that they may be completely unaware of their own adulthood shortcomings. Regardless, we’ve all come across these young-bucks in disguise and suffered the consequences of the deceived.

They may be in short supply, but real men are out there, and on the surface, they may appear very similar to their man-child counterparts. Check out the following tips we’ve compiled that may assist you in filtering out the phonies:

  • The man is secure within himself, and takes pride as the provider for his family. The boy allows someone else to claim that role (namely, his mommy, grandmom, or girlfriend).
  • Boys let exterior factors define them (flashy cars, bling, and the like), whereas men are defined by internal qualities such as integrity and strength.
  • Boys know how to take; Men, to give.
  • A man looks at things from a long-term perspective. His goal is not immediate gratification. He accepts responsibility for his actions.
  • Boys employ a “play ground” approach when coming at a woman they find attractive. Men don’t have time for the games, and approach women with respect.
  • Boys invent excuses for failure: Men produce strategies for success.
  • The mother is the most important woman in a boy’s life. The wife/life partner the most important in a man’s.
  • Boys are disruptive: Men bring order.
  • A boy won’t raise his own children: A man will raise his and somebody else’s.
  • A boy thinks acting tough makes him a man. A man doesn’t need to prove his manhood by means of bravado, and feels secure in being hard as well as showing vulnerability.

Ideally, a man retains the vibrancy of youth minus the self-centered immaturity. The general consensus is that regardless of the amount of body hairs he sprouts, it is selflessness, humility and consistency that make the man and when in an intimate relationship with one, the proof lies within one simple yet profound quality: Responsibility. He who relinquishes it shows his true and undeveloped nature.


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