nicole headshot pinkThe woman behind one of Atlanta’s hottest Public Relations agencies asks, “Are You In?” A strategy that has furnished this Atlanta native and FIT alum the stimulus it takes to not only stay afloat, but to propel some of the worlds most prominent brands to new heights.

Nicole K. Garner is indisputably ambitious. Her firm, The Garner Circle is a full services agency offering public relations, lifestyle marketing and event execution. With added offices in both New York and Los Angeles, The Garner Circle boasts an extensive client list of celebrities, luxury brands and non-profits. Considered one of the most influential and fastest growing PR agencies, The Garner Circle continues to yield results with tactics grounded in principle and integrity.


Clutch spoke with Nicole about her motivation and where she’s taking it from here.

Clutch: How did you launch your career and get to where you are today?
Nicole: My career aspirations started in college. I knew I had a passion for writing, planning events and dealing with people. There began my love for public relations. Majoring in public relations and grabbing every chance at an internship that I could find, I began to perfect my craft with hands–on experience. Continuing my education at FIT in New York, I began to delve more into the niche of fashion, beauty and lifestyle public relations. Opening my firm not long after graduating from college, I brought the energy of these niche industries to untraditional markets including my home, Atlanta. Today my firm operates in Atlanta, New York and Los Angeles and we have worked with a variety of exciting brands including Xbox 360, New Era Cap, BET, Porsche, Adidas, Janelle Monae, and more.

Clutch: What have you had to sacrifice along the way, if anything?
Nicole: Sleep. In my line of work there are very long days and very long nights. Staying ahead of the curve and at the brink of what’s next is what keeps us in business but also calls for a lot of time dedication.

Clutch: How do you define success?
Nicole: Being in control of your time, feeling a sense of accomplishment, experiencing growth and change with gratitude and candor.

Clutch: How do you balance work and life?
Nicole: It is hard but I have grown to realize that it is a necessity. I prioritize. I plan as far out in advance as possible. I leave buffer time in my schedule so I can plan for the unexpected and alleviate the stress, not to mention the technology I depend on (e.g. blackberry, e- marketing tools, synchronized calendars, etc).

Clutch: Who is your role model or mentor?
Nicole: In my personal life: my parents. In regards to work, I look up to women who manage to balance it all, business, family and personal life who are Marvet Britto, Patti Webster and those who are not scared to dream big.

Clutch: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Nicole: Expanding the agency’s presence in major and sub-markets, a national book tour for my book “Are You In… Publicity’s Alter Ego”, expanding our publicity workshops, and launching my nail lacquer collection “White Lies/ Color Truths in Spring 2010.

For more on Nicole and The Garner Circle PR visit: www.TheGarnerCircle.com and www.WhiteLiesColorTruths.com .

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