It’s only right to start the New Year off with a fresh take on fashion. From London to California, Clutch looks at some of the year’s most promising talents and their hottest looks for Autumn/Winter 2010.

1. Bestow Elan
Designer Erzumah Ackerson draws inspiration from classic and vintage stimuli to create a contemporary women’s wear label that’s culturally aware and chic.


2. By Malene Birger
Malene Birger created her brand to inspire. Now, this namesake label is expanding globally; all while offering a unique, refined take on elegance.


3. Clemency London
Alison Clemency-Buddenhagen has an impressive resume (she graduated with honors from Central St. Martins and designed at Armani, Burberry and Calvin Klein ) but she has an even better design aesthetic that makes being a woman all the more enjoyable.


4. Hayden Harnett
The Brooklyn-based duo, Toni and Ben, created a collection for Target among other things while continuing to offer the essence of old world charm and new ideas to cater to an eclectic niche.


5. Ituen Basi
An ode to Nigeria is Ituen Basi, a refreshing celebration of Ankara and dresses that are just as lively and feminine as they are fluid.


6. Kimberly Ovitz
This newbie launched her line in Spring 2009 and is positioning the brand as a lifestyle collection for women through minimalism and modern edge.


7. Nuj Novakhett
Based in Thailand but ever present stateside is Nuj Novakhett. Her focus is all-encompassing but it’s no denying Manhattan as her muse.


8. Pepper + Pistol
Silvia Hillmann and Katrin Wiens’ Pepper + Pistol brand offers a wickedly wonderful vision through custom prints, fine detailing and feminine cuts that are just as gutsy as they are flattering.


9. Ruthie Davis
For Ruthie Davis, a love affair with shoes turned into a profession where her provocative heels and stellar craftsmanship have her on a path to greatness. Her designs have also won over the heart of Beyonce, who is often spotted pounding the pavement in them.


10. Serial Cultura
Jennifer Jennings merges printed art (all her original artwork) with organically structured silhouettes to give us Serial Cultura. Placing a huge emphasis on the design process, Jennings also produces locally in California.

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