Recently Vivica A. Fox appeared on an episode of Monique’s new talk show on BET. Among other topics, Fox talked about her storied romance with rapper 50 Cent. The romance reportedly ended sometime after the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs).

Although it’s been about seven years since they both have been linked together, Fox still couldn’t help getting choked up a bit over their breakup. Fox admitted how that breakup was very hard for her and how it took her some time to cope.

Both born in July, Fox will be 46 this year while 50 Cent will be a young 33. A 13-year difference between their age didn’t seem to bother either at the time. While they were a couple it was not at all uncommon for Fox to pop up in one of 50 cents videos.

Fox just seems to have a thing for rappers. Before 50 Cent, she was married to a lesser known rapper known as six nine because he is six foot 9 inches tall.

Well all that bliss turned to scorn when after the breakup, 50 Cent seemed to go on a tirade to embarrass and insult Vivica. 50 Cent’s explicit lyrics left many wondering how Vivica could let 50 dog her out that way without striking back. However, for the most part, since the breakup, Vivica has kept her mouth shut choosing not to retaliate.

Vivica, who is known for her classy look showed once again why she is a class act. She discussed how after all the hoopla and the disrespecting lyrics, how 50 cent finally came to her and apologized. Also she graciously acknowledged how she has forgiven him.

“When I dated “Curtis”, I met him as “Curtis” he just happened to be a rap star. We went out too fast, we were very excited about each other and wanted to scream at the top of our lungs “I’m in Love.” Then people got in his ear and we unfortunately broke up. Then there was albums and songs and statements that I will say a young man made but now he has grown up….and he came to me as a man and said “I’m sorry”..and I forgave him. That was hard. And I was so glad I had a wonderful family, especially my daddy who said “He didn’t make you and he sure ain’t gonna break you.”

Monique’s roaring laugh said it all, when Fox said how she chose to respect 50, despite the fact that he didn’t deserve it. Yet through the pain and humiliation, Vivica showed us all, both men and women why she is such a class act.

Fox consciously chose to keep her head above the dirt. In this day and age it is rare to see anyone act with such courage. In addition, it is especially rare to see a woman, forsake her own image just to show a man, respect while he is obviously acting in a less than respectful/mature way. Kudos to Vivica.

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