susan-70'sEvery year we make resolutions that we start but don’t stick with. It’s a cycle of hope and disappointment of initial success and failure. Is it the resolutions that are the problems? Is it our will and determination? Is it not having the right tools to stick to new lifestyle changes? For me it’s a combination of all these things. Some of my resolutions are lofty and unrealistic like my resolution for 08’ to win the lottery. I have failed to keep number of my resolutions just based on my lack of determination to actually keep them (Do I really want to raft down a white water river?) And many of my resolutions have failed to come to past because I didn’t have a plan or the tools to make them a reality.

This year in honor of an end of a decade and the begging of a new one I have resolved to not only take care of my body but to find the tools I need to support my resolution. I don’t want to use any excuses like “I don’t have any running sneakers” or “ I don’t own a Pilates mat” to stop me from working on getting my body healthy and strong. So I got my hands on some high tech Nike running shoes and headed to the gym. I already feel stronger and healthier. But it wasn’t until I gave the Alycea Ungaro’s Real Alignment Mat a go did I feel like my resolution could actually become a reality ($35, realpilatesnyc.com).

2846Now I had done Pilates before but on a cheap gym supplied mat. I really couldn’t focus on the movements because the mat did nothing to protect my shoulders, spine and tailbone from the hard ground. That is not an excuse I can use with the Real Alignment Mat. This comfortable mat allows you to focus on your movements instead of the floor when doing mat Pilates. But the mat isn’t only about comfort it also helps you achieve proper form and alignment for a variety of exercises. The Real Alignment Mat has a tree diagram acts as guide for your hands, feet, and body to help position them as you move the exercises. A great tool to use at home, traveling or anywhere you don’t have a teacher watching your alignment. It is a great way to get the most out of your Pilates workouts at home or a studio. And a great way to move towards a healthier lifestyle.

So if your itching to get strong and give up excuses for 2010 then grab this mat that will help you stay motivated and determined. This is one fitness item that won’t end up in your garage in February. Let this be a new year of health and well-being. And a new decade of sticking to healthy behaviors.

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