Did you see the 60 Minutes interview with Beyonce? Some people on the net are complaining saying that she seemed egotistical in her responses to some of the questions. Maybe I am having a clueless moment but I felt as if she made it her business to appear humble. Now whether that is her actual personality is uncertain — but she definitely did not seem over the top. One question in particular was her response to “who is the most important person in your life”? The interviewer was hoping that she would say her husband Jay-Z so that he could use that as the jumping point to be all up in her marriage — but no. Things did not go in his favor. As far as her saying that she is the most important person in her life, I agree. One should be the most important individual. If you fail to take care of yourself and love your self first then you will be useless to those who need you the most. What will you be able to give to them if you feel that you have nothing or are worthless? Now that does not mean that you can never put the needs of others before your own. However as far as loving oneself the most, in my opinion you should. If you don’t then what will you have to offer those around you. Does this mean that you should be a self-centered? Of course not. I always advise living life with balance. It does however; mean that there is nothing egotistical about loving your damn self.

If you fail to take care of yourself and love your self first then you will be useless to those who need you the most.

Those who make the decision to be constantly selfless, and give of themselves to an extreme often find themselves with feeling of being unappreciated and neglected by their loved ones. They are also often times drained very easily because they never take the time to put themselves first, stop and recharge while constantly giving to others. That is where they get the term caretaker twisted. Then they later resent their loved one for feeling like they never appreciated them or gave to them. I know that there are plenty of women out there who are mothers, wives, daughter, big sisters, etc – who know what I am talking about. I tell women in my writing all the time that sometimes it is okay for you to be selfish. You do not ALWAYS have to be a self-sacrificing martyr to display that you love and care for someone. This is expected of women constantly. Unfortunately, men are not put under the same guidelines. Women often time give and give and are later drained because they never take the time to replenish themselves.

I am not a member of the Beyonce’s farts smell like cinnamon club like so many others but I know when someone is making a valid point.

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