Pumps on, lips glossed, and you are off! The dating race for young college women can be extremely difficult. It is complicated meeting a man who can hold a civilized conversation, have decent taste in clothing and is on the path to a successful career if not already thriving. Although they sometimes appear to be an endangered species, good men are still out there. That is why it can be difficult to maintain focus on school work when you run into someone who captivates your attention. Granted your GPA is touching the sky now but what about when your handsome catch begins to sweetly demand the time that you want to give. How do you balance it all? Here are a couple tips that might assist you on sustaining your focus when dating.

1. Keep yourself first!
Meeting someone new can be so fun and really amazing but, when you meet someone who is charismatic and appealing it is easy to get consumed in them and forget about you. Keep in mind that you are the MVP and you must treat yourself as such. That means eating right, staying healthy and centering your attention on things that will enable you to prosper (i.e. your degree).

2. Become actively involved in different college programs, internships, and/or extracurricular activities.
Being engaged in different activities will allow you to network and constantly remind you of your other college obligations. You will be able to maintain a healthy social life while being productive. Who knows, you might find your next snuggle bunny in one of your supplementary activities.

3. Come up with an agenda and prioritize.
When your life is action packed it may be a little difficult to keep track of it all. A good way to balance personal time and business is to create an agenda or schedule of your day to day functions. This will not only allow you to become more organized, but it will enable you to maintain your focus on what is most beneficial to your life and career goals.

Having it all is not impossible Clutchettes. When it comes to maintaining your college career and your social life, you just have to find the right balance.

“Take the time it takes so it takes less time” ~ Unknown.

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