First Grandmother likes WH life
President Barack Obama’s mother-in-law lived her entire life in Chicago, so it was only natural that her move to the White House came with some resistance. Try it for three months, her son-in-law says the family suggested. A year later, it seems Marian Robinson is here to stay. She spends a lot of time looking after granddaughters Malia, 11, and Sasha, 8, but has been carving out a new life for herself, too. In the words of the president, she’s become “quite the lady about town.” The widowed Mrs. Robinson has made friends and has had friends over to the White House. She goes shopping on her own, enjoys visits to the Kennedy Center and takes Malia and Sasha to and from school just about every day — all while enjoying a level of anonymity that has Obama and her own daughter, first lady Michelle Obama, feeling both pleased and a bit envious at the same time. (Continue Reading…)

NY exhibit celebrates Black comic book superheroes
In conjunction with Black History Month, Somos Arte, a Brooklyn based studio has teamed with Marvel Comics to celebrate literal superheroes who are also African-American for an exhibition in Midtown. NY1’s Roger Clark filed the following report. A new Manhattan exhibit is celebrating six of Marvel Comics’ most popular superhero characters in honor of Black History Month. “Marvelous Color,” presented by Somos Arte at the Caribbean Cultural Center in Midtown, features classic African-American comic book characters like The Black Panther, Storm from “The X-Men,” Harlem crimefighter Luke Cage, vampire-slayer Blade and James Rhodes, who has been both “Iron Man” and “War Machine.” The comic book pages on display show interpretations from artists from different generations. The exhibit’s curator, Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, says the Marvel characters have served as an inspiration for decades. (Continue Reading…)

Officers won’t face Federal charges in Sean Bell killing
Citing insufficient evidence, federal authorities said Tuesday that they would not bring a civil rights case against the New York City police officers involved in the killing of Sean Bell, a 23-year-old black man who was shot by the police outside a strip club in Queens on his wedding day. The decision by the Justice Department came after prosecutors and federal agents reviewed the case, in which five police officers fired 50 shots into the Nissan Altima that Mr. Bell was driving. The car struck a detective in the leg and hit a police van just before the officers began firing their weapons. Mr. Bell was killed and two passengers, Trent Benefield and Joseph Guzman, were wounded. None of the men had guns, although the police officers apparently believed at least one did. (Continue Reading…)

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