Shanel Cooper Sykes is a motivational guru and she speaks for the ladies. She is the author of Stilettos In The Kitchen. Check her out here calling out women who say they want a good man but bring more drama to the table than positivity. This is what she defines as man repellent. Do you agree with her? I agree with most of the statements here. However, I take into consideration the fact that alot of men carry their own emotional baggage and drama. They just display it differently from women.

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  • OMG, I loooovve Shanel! So happy to see her getting some well deserved recognition!

    Do your thing mama!!

  • Why is she so lovely? (not really watching the video for the content..)

  • I agree with her 100%. To me, the initial issue is not about the baggage that men bring to the table, it’s about the baggage we as women bring and keep unpacking with every relationship. If we learn how to deal with the issues we have, we will be better equipped to help them deal with theirs. Much as we may try to escape it, we are nurturers by nature so it’s up to us to “get right” so they (men) can get right.

    Better yet, once we “get right” we no longer attract the “been wrong” kind of man because you attract what you see/think every time.

  • Ivirlei

    I am a fan and supporter of Shanel. I think what she has to say is enlightening and uplifting but packaged in a way that appeals to young women.
    I will spread the word and do whatever I can to bring awareness to this dynamic young woman.
    Great job on featuring her Clutch and Congrats Shanel.