Check out the latest video from Erykah Badu “Jump Up in the Air”. The video captures the singer and Lil Wayne in colorful constantly-changing images.

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  • carmelstacks

    ugh, now I have a migraine…let me go into a dark room and close my eyes.

  • anon

    you need to smoke something and watch this its medetation

  • kendra

    I love the song minus Lil Wayne. I’m kinda disappointed in Erykah, allowing that lil fool to be on the track!

  • This song has grown on me. The beat is sick and Erykah of course placed her traditional amazing hook lines. This is funky, spunky, and rejuvenating! I think it would have been hotter than Lil Wayne but lets face it…he is a catch to have on a song???

  • NIcole

    Hmmm….I didn’t like that one bit.