Article from BlackVoices.com — I know sometimes we are all a sucker for a good beat, a nice melody and a sweet voice. A current song that has recently made its way to the top of the charts, though, has got to be the worst thing to happen to women since stiletto heels. When I first heard this tune, I wasn’t familiar with Melanie Fiona (pictured above). I just knew that every time I heard the pathetic, desperate lyrics, I was disgusted.

It’s been a long time since I heard a song by a woman that was so destructive to the empowerment of sisterhood. Fiona’s song is basically, the desperate, pathetic woman’s anthem. Forget self-esteem, forget independent thought, forget doing what’s best for you, Fiona loudly proclaims about 15 times a day, every day, on the radio that it’s really about a warm body. Forget demanding that you be treated with respect, as long as he comes home eventually, it’s all good.

Fiona’s song unfortunately tells young women that agonizing over a no-good man, who is clearly bad for you, is not only reasonable but is a true indicator of “love.” It proclaims to the rooftops that having a dirty dog of a boyfriend is okay, and you just have to deal with it as best you can.

And as if we don’t have enough problems with families in the black community, now here comes a woman who shamelessly declares that she also wants to have babies with this man, who admittedly treats her badly. He cheats, they fight, he doesn’t come home — sounds like the perfect man to father your babies, Melanie.

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