If there is any industry that has dominated Twitter’s public timeline, it is the world of fashion. Industry insiders from designers to bloggers are tweeting celebrity looks, the latest runway shows and the next Barney’s sample sale. Without question, Twitter fashion is an explosive exchange of breaking news, who’s following who and what they wore. Based on influence, information shared and frequency of tweeting, Clutch’s Fashion Contributors, Nicole Miles and Geneva S. Thomas offers the top 15 to follow.


Boxing Kitten
Featuring African textiles in 50’s silhouettes, Maya Lake’s “ethnic rockability” bursted on the scene in Fall 2009. Tweeting about her latest looks, sizes available and a search for interns, you can find Boxing Kitten worn by Alicia Keys and Beyonce in the upcoming “Put It In a Love Song” video.

Follow Boxing Kitten here: www.twitter.com/BoxingKitten

Clutch spotlighted Bijules over two years ago. Fergie, Rihanna and Beyonce are among the few daring enough to accessorize with Bijules and despite her growing clientele, Jules Kim stays approachable and candid as she tweets her latest inspiration ideas and jetting to and from LA.

Follow Jules Kim here: www.twitter.com/Bijules

Rachel Roy
Clearly a Clutch darling, Rachel Roy’s Twitter is a digital showroom of her latest news and jewelry collaboration with friend, Estelle. Celebrate the Month of Love with Rachel Roy for Twitter follower exclusives! Look out for Roy’s final giveaway this Wednesday. You could actually win the RACHEL Unevel Lapel Trench!

Follow Rachel Roy here: www.twitter.com/Rachel_Roy


Robin Givhan
The aficionado whom every fashion head should know is Robin Givhan, the Pulitzer Prize winning fashion editor for the Washington Post. With a shy 193 followers, it’s obvious that Givhan is busy penning MObama stories and that’s why we love her! A thrifty user, you can bet that when Givhan tweets, it will be something meaningful.

Follow Robin Givhan here: www.twitter.com/RobinGivhan

Kenya Hunt
If you’re outside of New York, you may not recognize the face or name but Kenya Hunt’s reach is beyond the Big Apple. As the global fashion editor of the UK’s Metro newspaper, Hunt’s insider’s perspective is invaluable. If you want the front row deets on London Fashion Week, Kenya is the woman to follow.

Follow Kenya Hunt here: www.twitter.com/kenyametrostyle

Bevy Smith
Smith was the Fashion Editor for both Vibe and Rolling Stone magazines. Currently a TV personality and contributing writer for Paper, Smith is coveted as the “Fairy Fashion Godmother” by a slew of brown fashionistas. Dishing comedic commentary and priceless fashion advice by the minute, Smith never leaves her uptown home without Twitter.

Follow Bevy Smith here: www.twitter.com/Bevysmith


Bonnie Morrison
Working at the all-powerful KCD, Morrison did Public Relations before it became the cool thing to do. With an impressive resume that boasts, Proenza Schouler, Dries van Noten and Phi, Morrison is as down to earth as your next-door neighbor.

Follow Bonnie Morrison here: www.twitter.com/fiercegrandma


June Ambrose
With over 40,000 followers, Celebrity Stylist, June Ambrose is notorious for her twitpics and “chai tea spills” (e.g., fashion gossip). Carrying Twitter along to photo shoots and “daily spirals,” be inspired by her street style poses and the day in the life of a style architect.

Follow June Ambrose here: www.twitter.com/Juneambrose

Mariel Haenn
Known for her trend-making work for Rihanna and Ciara, Mariel is a fashion stylist on the rise. Tweeting her posts for WeResistSimple.com, Mariel takes you behind the color popping styles of Rihanna’s “Rude Boy” video among her other fashionable adventures.

Follow Mariel Haenn here: www.twitter.com/MarielHaenn


The Fashion Bomb
Not just another fashion blog, the woman behind The Fashion Bomb is a Harvard grad who has written for Real Simple, Essence and Newsweek. Recently becoming international, Claire Sulmers now takes up residence in Paris with added coverage in London, Atlanta and New York City. Tweeting on Black fashion and celebrity looks for less, The Fashion Bomb is a must to follow!

Follow The Fashion Bomb here: www.twitter.com/thefashionbomb

Kathryn Finney
A style contributor to the Today Show, CNN Headlines News and E! News, Finney is most known for her Amazon best-selling book, How to Be a Budget Fashionista: The Ultimate Guide to Looking Fabulous for Less. Now penning The Budget Fashionista blog, Finney tweets on “Budget Style Picks” for both petite and plus-size women.

Follow Kathryn Finney here: www.twitter.com/kathrynfinney

Najwa Moses
An on-air correspondent for an array of news sources and brands, Moses prides herself for being on “the left of fashion.” Her blog at Styleaholics.com has been a go-to for funky and eclectic fashion finds and events. You can also find Moses blogging for Bluefly at flypaper.bluefly.com. Tweeting her blog posts and “what’s with the watermelon-toned suit?” Moses’ candid and insightful updates will keep you coming for more.

Follow Najwa Moses here: www.twitter.com/najwamoses

Wendy Lam
The founder of Nitro:licious, Wendy Lam has achieved international acclaim. Noted by Paris Vogue as a blog to watch, Lam tweets on fashion week and the latest collections from street to high-end designers.

Follow Wendy Lam here: www.twitter.com/Nitro_licious

Susie Bubble
One visit to the Style Bubble and Susie will have you hooked with her quirky charm. Based in the UK, Susie features her personal street style and all corners of aesthetic. Tweeting live from New York to London Fashion Week, Susie is a humble spirit and one we encourage you to follow.

Follow Susie Bubble here: www.twitter.com/susiebubble


Who’s the singer turned DJ with a no holds barred style? Whose Twitter takes you from the studio to the club and back in the embrace of her cutie son? It’s none other than Solange Knowles! One of the chiefs of Twitter, Solange boasts nearly 400,000 followers. Tweeting on fashion, music, her damn blog and Houston, Solange’s Twitter is a sanctum of lifestyle.

Follow Solange Knowles here: www.twitter.com/solangeknowles

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