The official video for the remake of “We Are The World” written originally by Michael Jackson & Lionel Richie. On the heels of its 25 year anniversary, the remake features over 80 artists from different genres and generations with all proceeds going towards efforts to help victims in Haiti. Directed by Academy Award winning director Paul Haggis.

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  • I thought it was good. It was nice to see some of the original artist collaborating with the newer generation. I was hoping for a chorus from Michael and Janet but I guess that would have put too much emphasis on the two of them and would have taken away the purpose of the video. But all in all, good job.

  • Sia

    Wyclef sounded like a mess. I know hes reppin Haiti and all, but seriously. He sounded like that Aflac duck.

    • Well, I think that everyone has a unique voice and his is one of them. All and all it’s a great body of work. Very moving, more so than the first.

  • Kamika

    I liked the first one better. It had a purer more cohesive sound and the arrangement was better. This one sounds like 3 or 4 different songs mashed together with a lot of ego.

    It would have been better if they had left the original as a classic, and just did a new song specifically for Haiti!

    • Theresa Asbury

      I agree with Kamika. They should have done a totally new tribute song to Haiti.

  • caramelgirl

    i thought it was nice. when wyclef started singing i had to stop myself from laughing, but in a way i do like his different sounding voice. it was full of soul. I think the rapping part could’ve been left out.. but good song.

  • Alexandra

    This ok, but unoriginal. I agree with Kamika, they should’ve just wrote a whole other song.