I’m a sucker for any product that marries my love of beauty with my love for technology. I love any beauty product that uses cutting edge techniques, high tech concepts or existing technology in new ways, and I always feel so Judy Jetson when I discover a new high tech beauty product. And Judy Jetson is fly.

I felt pretty fly myself when I discovered LASHLIGHT by Too Faced ($25, sephora.com). This high tech mascara has an innovative formula that contains millions of microscopic mirrors that bounce light off lashes for a super-glossy, jet-black finish. Lashes will be longer and thicker all day. The jet-black finish will make eyes look brighter, whiter, and more beautiful; camera ready. And the cutting edge formula has a combination of panthenol, and Vitamins C and E keep lashes healthy and red algae that increases Keratin resistance for maximum lash flexibility.

LASHLIGHTS formula is amazing but what really got me was the wand. Not only does the wand have a slightly tapered brush-tip to get the tiniest lashes but the wand has a light to spotlight each lash for precise application. The exclusive light-up LED wand spotlights every lash for the perfect mascara application every time and the close-up mirror on the side of the component is perfect for on-the-go application.

The perfect mascara for everyone even if you aren’t a beauty tech geek like me.

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