Ladies, there are certain things that when you first start a relationship, your man does not necessarily need to know. That does not mean that you can never share all of these intimate things. It just means that you should get to know the type of guy you are with before you divulge all of your deepest darkest secrets. Take your time in cleaning out your closet and placing all of your emotional strain on him. Especially if you want to keep him. Find out what he can accept and what he is uncomfortable with. Know who you are dealing with! It might save your relationship or at least some time.

1. Sexual Partners

He does not need to know how many guys you slept with. Why? Because no matter the number, it will be too much. There is and always will be a double standard for women when it comes to sex. Men are allowed to swing their penis freely without judgment. Penis is never hard to find. While women, should keep a chastity belt wrapped around their vagina until marriage. If they do not then they are judged harshly and viewed as slut happy. While he is viewed as king of the vaginas.

2. He Is Not Your Best In Bed

If you care about this guy and want to stay with him then you should not tell him that he is not your best in bed. Chances are depending on how long you guys date, he will ask. Something about feeling like they are the only ones that rocked your world strokes a man’s egos.

3. He Is Not Your King Kong

If your man is not your biggest, do not tell him that. Even if he says that it does not bother him that you have had bigger, he is probably lying. Situations like this make guys feel self-conscious and this could trickle down to your relationship with him.

4. Which One Of His Friends Are Cute To You

Cuties usually roll in groups so chances are if he is a hottie with his s**t together then his friends will also be hotties with their s**t together. All that sexiness can be a temptation. Do not inform him if one of his boys are sexy. Even if he asks you. This may lead him to feel that you are lusting after his friends even if your are not. Suddenly he does not want to bring you to social engagements with his boys. Also, try not to stare and daydream into his friends eyes.

5. All Of Your Bank Account Info And Balances.

It is not his business to know your check account balance. This is your money and no man should be in your wallet. Similarly, he does not need to know every time you get a bonus check from work. I feel that a woman should always maintain her own money. If you are the type of woman who enjoys for your man to assist you financially, even if you don’ necessarily need it, then you might not want to tell him about that bonus you got form work. This might make him less liable to want to open his wallet for you and feel that you don’t need it. Yeah sure it might seem sneaky but hey… I would not be me if I wasn’t honest.

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