King silent as SCLC faces uncertainty
Four months after Martin Luther King Jr.’s daughter was elected president of the civil rights group he co-founded, the organization is in a tailspin and she is silent on why she hasn’t taken the helm. The Southern Christian Leadership Conference has been fractured by infighting and a federal investigation. Agents recently raided the Ohio chapter’s headquarters and the home of the SCLC’s national chairman, who faces accusations of financial mismanagement. In Georgia, Fulton County prosecutors have also launched a formal investigation into the Atlanta-based organization’s financial affairs. (Continue Reading..)

Obama’s new health care reform plan to include GOP ideas
In a last-ditch attempt to craft a bipartisan health care reform bill, President Obama will release a new proposal Wednesday that will include Republican ideas on tort reform and health savings accounts, according to Democratic officials familiar with the plans. But top Republicans, including House Minority Whip Eric Cantor, R-Virginia, immediately said the new proposal is not good enough and reiterated calls for the president to scrap the plan and start over. (Continue Reading..)

Sudan’s land of ‘black pharaohs’ a trove for archaeologists
There is not a tourist in sight as the sun sets over sand-swept pyramids at Meroe, but archaeologists say the Nubian Desert of northern Sudan holds mysteries to rival ancient Egypt. “There is a magic beauty about these sites that is heightened by the privilege of being able to admire them alone, with the pyramids, the dunes and the sun,” says Guillemette Andreu, head of antiquities at Paris’ Louvre museum. “It really sets them apart from the Egyptian pyramids, whose beauty is slightly overshadowed by the tourist crowds.” (Continue Reading..)

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