Elizabeth Hasselbeck is mad. Should we be surprised? After the historic Health Care reform bill passed, the ladies of “The View” discussed the news on Monday in usual form during the show’s “Hot Topics.” Barbara Walters and Whoopi Goldberg had to calm Elizabeth, asking her to breathe. When Whoopi¬†brought up the disrespectful oppositional rants occurring during the proceedings, like yelling and spitting, Elizabeth decided to bring up alleged “bribery and bullying” claiming that several elected officials were shut out.

Elizabeth goes on to suggest that the majority of Americans didn’t want Health Care reform this way, referring to the structure of the legislation. Sherri Shepherd interrupted asking, “I don’t know who they’re talking to. A lot of people wanted Health Care reform who couldn’t get insurance.”

You may say, ‘who really cares what Hasselbeck thinks?’ But how many angry Americans does she represent? There are millions of Americans who live below the poverty line or recently unemployed who will now have reasonable access to health coverage because of this victory. Why are people really mad?

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  • That woman is an idiot. What she failed to realize is that she can be angry with the healthcare decision. I think the other woman didn’t care about that, the issue was that she and other Repubs use “issues” as excuses for racisim and classisim.

    You can disagree with someone without using a racial slur. Idiots, buttheads, a-holes, come in all different colors. Slurs are meant to hurt a specifc people.

    Republican’s fail to get any respect from me because they never discuss the issues or state facts, they just cluck, and cluck and cluck. They may have a vailid point, but all that noise they spew is offensive.

    The health care bill has holes, it’s not perfect by any means, but it is a start. What are the altenatives? What other ideas are on the table?

  • ericka

    well, i think some are not happy with it, because in the end, it WILL effect the prices of private insurance, a lot of people are still going to be stuck in the middle, either government insured(and believe me, that is NO FUN, or More expensive health plans, which puts everybody back in the same boat. I would have liked to have seen current health care premiums go down, to be more affordable, esp. for the average middle income family who do not make enough to be on government ins. and who do not make enough to afford private ins. for their whole family. I honestly hate government ran insurance…speaking from experience!

  • Deloris

    I feel that this bill is a start in the right direction it is better than hoping that things will get better or waiting it out. I suggest that everyone reads the entire bill for themselves instead of relying on other people’s talking points. I have read it and I find that when discussing this bill with most they are uninformed or rely on talking points from whomever they follow or support. If you read the bill for yourself it’s far better than regurgitating what others have said about this bill. http://www.opencongress.org/bill/111-h3590/show

    As for Hasselbeck I think her passionate discourse creates a balance. However I disagree with her most of the time and wish that she would move to Fox news where she could be better appreciated. I must admit it is called the view for a reason though and I respect that she has differing views than I have. Hahaha woah that took alot for me to say that, but I mean it.

    Angela, I think it’s best to say someone like Sarah Palin for instance should support this law. Due to the fact that her son has down syndrome and under this law he can no longer be denied based on pre-exsisting conditions.

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  • I’m betting Mrs. Hasselback has pretty good insurance. Prominent Republicans in Congress and the media that are crying bloody murder probably do as well. That’s why I don’t take them seriously…how can you talk about how we don’t need health care reform when you HAVE insurance?
    It’s not the healthcare reform we want…but it’s what we NEED right now. We have to start somewhere.