If this isn’t proof that Rupert Murdoch’s Fox organization is a mouthpiece for an sinister, counterproductive and archaic faction of backwards individuals, then we shudder to think of what is. The sheer display of disrespect and obstruction of vital communication from the President of the United States is no doubt a classic “Faux News” trademark and the epitome of the hideous side of American culture.

So-called news anchor Bret Baier is likely the toast of News Corp, and a crass buffoon in the eyes of the international community. In fact, The White House has made no bones about their take on the fraudulent news source. In October its then-communications director, Anita Dunn, called Fox News “either the research arm or the communications arm of the Republican Party” and added, “Let’s not pretend they’re a news organization like CNN is.” The shocker is not that Baier conducted himself like the angry little narrow minded guy that he is, but that Obama wasn’t better prepared to shut that simple fellow down once he got out of line.

Let’s hope when his tenure is through, he gets a chance to ‘smack’ those fools down a la Fmr. Pres. Clinton vs. Chris Wallace in September, 2006.

Yahoo News

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  • The best way to handle Fox is to ignore them, they have an agenda you can not deal with them, rationalize with them, you can not work with them. They will just rip up whatever you say or edit it out. Yet this administration continues to give these knuckleheads the time of day. Dont give them a solo interview, let then stand there at the press confrence with the rest of the netwroks and get their info from their.

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    I just want to know what is wrong with Jeremy. Your really scaring me.

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