It’s a good thing that Gabourey Sidibe is comfortable in her own skin because there are plenty of people out there looking to rip her to shreds due to her obesity. In November the Hollywood new-comer spoke to Oprah about her appearance and her decision to accept and love herself despite how the outside world reacts to her.

It’s safe to say that she was forced to embrace herself out of necessity due to cruel comments like the ones made earlier this week by talk show host Howard Stern and co-host Robin Quivers as they lambasted Sidibe for her weight, and Oprah Winfrey for ‘daring’ to suggest that the young actress has a bright future in Hollywood.

Although Howard and crew were as obnoxious, ignorant and unnecessary as usual, their insults were probably a drop in the bucket compared to what Sidibe has heard throughout her entire life. Hopefully she will continue to disregard the irrelevant views of others and focus on loving herself and nurturing her theatrical talent. After all, it’s that approach that has gotten her where she is today; who knows where it will take her tomorrow.

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  • Todd Michaels

    First let me say that as a fellow artist, I’m happy for Gabby and her accomplishment as an actress. Sadly as crude and classless as Howard Stern is, there is some serious truth to what he is saying. Let’s face it, Gabby was caste for the role because of her startling morbidly obese appearance (in addition to her acting skills). And what’s even more disturbing is I cannot remember Hollywood ever promoting a morbidly obese white woman to the front of the line of super stardom. I believe Hollywood actually respects white the woman’s image more than they do black women. It’s somewhat like broadcasters will to show you bare breasted tribal African women on National Geographic or the discovery channel and them NEVER showing a bare breasted white woman.

    Gabby is dangerously overweight and is in need of immediate medical and nutritional attention. Black America, please don’t let Hollywood sell you the idea that obesity in our community is something to be proud of. I celebrate Gabby’s accomplishments as an actress (although I thought the movie was horrible) but not her medical condition.

    What I would encourage Gabby to do is to use her newly found fame, attention, and wealth to become a role model and spokes person for obesity and weight loss in America. She would do more good for the world, her community, and herself in a teaching capacity rather than maintaining her dangerous unhealthy weight in the hopes of being caste for a Precious part 2.

    African Americans have been very lenient with the growing problem of weight in our community. We use words like “big boned”, “thick”, “fluffy” and the most ironic “healthy sized woman” to comfort those afflicted with weight issues. We have to make the change for our health’s sake. We can celebrate Gabby the actress without celebrating Gabby the obese American. If you read this Gabby, I encourage you to move towards a healthier life style. We love you and want you to be around to enjoy your growing fan base Gabby :-)

    • tmo

      well said

  • Ashley S.

    I hate to say it, but what Howard said was somewhat true. She’s going to have to lose weight, obviously. She’ll get another acting job, I’m sure, but I’d be surprised if she’s ever at the Oscars again. What other movie could she be in, especially since the majority of movies out there look for slimmer actresses?

  • Abby

    Way to go Howard. I would like to see Precious. It seems to have an amazing story line; but the thought of having to look at Gabby Sidibe for the length of time makes me sick to my stomache. I am all for women being confident with who they are; but there is a point to where being that fat is just plain unhealthy and disgusting. Howard and Robin were just stating the truth. The truth is not always what you want to hear but it is better than people lying to her saying she is beautiful and that her career will go far.

  • tmo

    She should be the poster child for our nation’s obesity epidemic. This isn’t about “accepting” someone for who they are this is about a person who is very ill and doesn’t seem to realize it or is in denial. For the sake of all our morbidly obese children who are seeing her made in to a star I hope she takes some responsibility and adopts a healthy lifestyle . Until then she deserves any criticism she gets. Fundamentally obesity as extreme as hers is a behavioral issue. Like drug abuse. Do we say ” Oh just accept Lindsey for who she is … she likes to do a ton of drugs and have fun … good for her!” No , we say she is a horrible role model for our children and that she needs to go to rehab. There is no difference …. just substitute the coke and pills for a big mac and fries.