The outwardly gay and cross-dressing online media personality, B. Scott was featured on a panel discussion at Morehouse College. The event took place on Tuesday, last week during the school’s first “Gay Pride Week”. This presents a shocking irony for an institution notorious for its strict rules against cross-dressing.

A press release for B.Scott’s appearance reads, “Morehouse, one of our country’s most premiere historically-black colleges and universities, is dedicated to amplifying LGBT voices in hopes for creating change and reducing homophobia on campus. Inviting B. Scott is one step in the right direction in Morehouse’s quest for affirming all of their LGBT students.”

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  • JALoveMuffin

    I feel like this was a great thing that happened at morehouse college. Though we referred to B. Scott as a crossdresser, which he may agree with but i do not, he is androgenous. What people wear is their own decision, who ever buys their clothes, is the one with the option. People it is 2010 the word freak is soooo 90’s, he nowhere near a freak, he is the definition of someone not being afraid of who they are. This is great coverage, for the gay community and i support it all the way!

  • Yes!!, this is such an big step in the LGBT community. i am so glad that this is happening. And i hope that everything goes right and smooth off. B Scott is such an big inspiration to me. By him being from North Carolina and from going to Tar Heel College which isn’t that far away from me. it means a lot to me, because that means i could even have an step or choose at what i would love to accomplish in my life time. and not just me but others as well!. I hope to become an voice of the gay community just as well, because i feel there needs to be more voices in this gay community and needs to stick together .And Race should not been an problem AT ALL!. i hope the best to b scott. and i hope that MoreHouse can really look past the ignorance and appreciate the difference’s in this world that people hold with in them self’s. Freedom needs to be forced!! more then it already is. People should not be judge on expressing them self’s on any matter of how they do.If its not hurting anyone physically then i don’t see what’s the problem with it. being GAY does not make any man lesser then any other man. we work hard and struggle just like an straight men would. Gays are humans as well. And like ive always heard and will say ” A straight man could care less about an another gay man being in the room with him.It is theses ignorant assholes that have a problem with gay men that are the DL’s in life. The ones that make funny noises and gigglings when your walking by or you happen to be in there presents. Those are the DL men, or either there not sure about there sexuality them self’s. So there questioning them self’s in there heads.”