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  • Maureen

    the socks ruin it. other than that, it’s cute, and i like the soft sweep w/ her hair… but i still can’t get with the color.

  • those dress sock thingys have to go. Otherwise, it’s cool!

  • Lish

    I think she is wearing socks to cover her tattoos. you know you gotta be some what PG at the KCA i remember when I used to watch that show…def miss my youth!

    • Kamika

      I can see that. But she sang “Rude Boy” to a bunch of kids….

    • Lish

      POINT lol.

  • She’s working the hair, but the clothes don’t look good on her at all

  • binky

    I love that Dress and I want it for myself. I think the outfit was nice until it got to the socks! she should have lost the socks and the outfit would have been perfect