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  • Dot

    I’m actually very surprised about how this conversation was very civil and substantive. I must say that the leadership in a man is very important and the same can be said about the followership of a woman.

    It just seems that as women, we have burned that process with the “feminism” movement. Two people can’t lead in a relationship. There isn’t two dominant figures.

    I enjoyed that discussion.

  • Good segment, wish it could have been a 9 or 10 min video, but oh well. Good stuff.

  • chichi

    leadership, followership, and self awareness are BIG ones.

  • Nuru

    I had been meaning to watch these videos for the longest time and I am totally understanding what the hype is about. I am 22-year-old undergraduate and hearing guys talk positively about women in this way reaffirms my belief that good men do exist. Gotta love it, gonna be adding Mr Brunson with a quickness, and he has such a beautiful wife.

  • Ndidi

    a great segment, looking forward to the next one!!!