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  • cat

    I don’t get what is revolutionary about this video? when is the visual EVER NOT THE FIRST THING WE LOOK AT. Including WOMEN! lol FIRST THING I SEE IN A MAN IS HIS FACE AND BODY THEN CLOTHES. Because i don’t know anything else about you. But again, it may not be the most important etc. But really again….these guys aren’t saying anything we don’t already know about sexual attraction.

    • Felicia

      Hi cat. I sorta kinda agree with your comment about the comments being common knowledge but I don’t think the goal of the videos are to appear to be revolutionary. If you follow this guy and watch the other videos, you’ll quickly realize he’s addressing a lot of other issues with respect to relationships. This is just one video. I personally think the dialouge is necessary because believe it or not, there are some sisters that aren’t as savvy as you are when it comes to men. They are the ones that can benefit from listening to this brother. I found this link. check out the other vidoes.

  • Lynette

    I find it ironic that the man who talks the loudest about not liking a woman who is overweight, appears to be overweight himself. But he is entitled to have his preferences.

  • Foster Lee Brown

    Hey, but let a FAT WHITE CHICK walk through there…see if he won’t jump!! These Negroes make me sick.

  • Tiffany

    I appreciate the willingness of the men shown in this clip to be honest and open about their perspectives on relationships with women. My comment is in regards to the closing thoughts of the clip.

    One thing that I would like for us–as society–to consider is this notion of “wifeing” a woman. The point of departure for this “to do” or “no to do” philosophy assumes that all women want to be wifed up and that it is an ideal to which all women aspire. I personally know women who enjoy having just as many non-serious and free loving relationships as I do men who “aren’t looking for anything serious.” I think that what really lies at the heart of this terminology of “wifey” is that for women “playing wifey” and being treated like wifey really means reciprocity. It means getting as much as you are giving. And if this is the case, I think it best if we stop referring to reciprocity as “wifeing” someone. What is so hard about reciprocating without attaching juvenile words that draw upon legally binding relationships between men and women. A woman should not have to be considered “wifey” to be taken seriously. What does the term “wifey” do for men? Please share if you have any thoughts.

    In addition, let us consider why heterosexual women don’t run around using the term “hubby.” Women don’t use it because men are not assumed to want to be married in the same way that it is assumed that this is a woman’s lifelong dream. (This is in no way a slight to any woman who aspires to be some man’s wife, but I would like us to consider that this is not something that ALL women want)..Could you imagine? “Girl, this one right here is hubby…I’m about to hubby him up!” It just sounds plain silly. And to me, it sounds just as silly for heterosexual men to use the term “wifey.”

    Just some discourse analysis to think about. Thank you for allowing me to share.

    In peace.

    • Profound analysis Tiffany!

    • Lynette

      I remember my mother using the term “hubby” as a term of endearment for my father-who was her actual husband. When and why did the terms “wifey” and “hubby” begin to be used to describe single/un-married people?