Leaders of the African American and Hispanic community are not happy about the 92-foot mural near New York’s Times Square. The mural interestingly called, “Women Striving to Get Ahead” features Black and Latina women in racy poses. Commissioned by The Times Square Alliance, these images are an obvious sexual exaggeration of Black and Latina women’s bodies. Centered in the world’s largest entertainment district, several organizations in New York have called protests demanding the immediate removal of the mural.

Although the mural has caused controversy, the artist defends her work. Sofia Maldonado spoke to New York’s FOX News on Wednesday stating that her work is misunderstood. Maldonado says she’s glad the mural is sparking discussion.

Should the mural be removed?

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  • Res

    Having no frame of reference, I can see how people would be offended by this mural. However, I am familiar with Sofia Maldonado’s work and she paints women of all races this way. I recall seeing her work for the first time at Art|Basel in Miami. The painting depicted a White woman in the same type of clothes, hairstyle etc. The fact of the matter is Maldonado (a Latina herself) paints a certain type of woman. That is her niche. Whether or not you find that type of woman to be an embarrassing stereotype to be hidden away from the public eye at all times; and whether it was appropriate to display only this ilk of woman in such a high profile area only to be misunderstood as a representation of all Black or Latino women is the question.

  • Sam

    The mural says more about the artist than the people she’s attempting to portray. And this mural is saying bigot to me.

  • sage

    sorry, but Sofia Maldonado’s art is pretty dope I like her “niche”. Sadly, this mural is wack and doesnt work for this location. Seeing the title does changes my perspective on the whole thing though so I can see why ppl would want it removed. She might just be the type that doesn’t care for concept/messages behind her portrayals of black/latina women in her art. Which is why some ignoramuses are probally glad the mural seemingly justifies stereotypres about black/latina women. I dont know either way she could have did way better on 92ft of wall instead of this crap. I love how art sparks talk.