From Black Voices — Watching the messy divorce of Nas and Kelis, you have to wonder is Kelis rightfully saying, “You Owe Me”? Or is she a highway robber in a skirt? Maybe there was a better way to keep this entire matter private and you know what, I think I’ve got the answer.

When Nas and Kelis divorced, the MC was ordered to pay the quirky singer $51,000 per month for child and spousal support. On April 13, he was ordered to pay an additional $299,015.50 — including $155,787.28 in attorney fees and $48,549.83 in accounting expenses — at a rate of $10,000 per month until the debt is cleared, along with paying $47,249.42 in back child support and $40,454 in back spousal support. Pretty jaw-dropping, right?

But does Kelis deserve that much money?

First, I’m ignoring the legal system because the courts handle divorces too generally. In this, my op-ed piece, my rules supersede the court’s. Besides, Kelis’ legal action seems to stem more from her desire for retribution than any real monetary need.

In 2009, the songstress asked for $90,000 each month for child and spousal support and many began calling her a gold digger. She defended the sum, saying she was “entitled” to maintain her previous lifestyle during her marriage to Nas, including dropping a reported $15,000 per month on “entertainment, gifts and vacations.”

This is where Kelis and I disagree.

Nas is entitled to the lifestyle he maintains from the career that he built prior to their marriage, not Kelis. Whatever they earned as a union, she is entitled to half. The only thing that should be factored into her monthly support is their child, Knight, who deserves the lifestyle into which he was born. But I’m quite sure the baby isn’t wearing gold diapers so the need for that much dough each month is a bit peculiar.

Besides, divorce is all about separation, and Kelis needs to make her own way. With a successful music career and her upcoming album, ‘Flesh Tone,’ she can use that income for all the fur coats she desires.

But Nas doesn’t escape blame either.

Getting a prenup — or not pissing off Kelis — could have spared both parties this legal and public spectacle. But if Nas can’t pick a beat, how can we expect a smart marital decision?

My solution? I propose “Marriage Severance Pay.” Many view marriage as a job anyway and when someone is laid off, the ex-employee can’t ask their old boss to “maintain” their lifestyle. Upon separation, the employer cuts a severance check based upon the employee’s years of service, and the dismissed must manage the rest of his or her life. Marriages should dissolve in the same manner. A lump sum should be appropriate for each divorcée, and child support should cover the child’s needs along with a pre-determined trust fund allotment. Sounds fair, right?

Until then, Nas is ‘Caught Out There,’ while Kelis raps “You Can Hate Me Now” all the way to the bank.

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  • I like your piece…definitely an interesting perspective on the way a marriage should dissolve.

  • someone cheating on you does not entitle you to a certain lifestyle…the fact that nas has a lot of money makes it easier for a woman like kelis to leave….i have very little respect for her because she aired out their business in an attempt to gain support. she may get payback….but she will reap karma. lets see if she will ever have true love…..after this

    • Lava

      It’s funny how you think her karma will be bad and you have no respect for her, but he cheated on her. How will his karma and future love life be? A man who cheats on his pregnant wife looks like a catch to you? lol . Why wouldn’t she be able to move on and find love again? And I agree, Someone cheating doesn’t entitle you anything but making call a divorce lawyer, which she did. Then, her lawyer did what she could to ensure her client be well compensated, as Kelis was. Then a Judge ruled and decided he needs to come up off 500k. You can complain about the court system all day, but if men would be husbands and fathers instead of running around chasing tail then you wouldn’t have to worry about having an angry ex-wife on your hands. These women don’t just turn “crazy” for no reason lol

  • ktcsr

    I keep reading that nas cheated or what ever. no one knows how it was or is to live with kelis or any other spouse. neither person is perfect and I am quite sure both people had something to do with the break up. our court system makes it easy for the women to grab the kids and run, that should stop women get access to the mans money and then he has no access to the children. that is why our country is the way that it is. and the children pay the price . women don’t be so selfish.

  • Observer.

    Emancipation, I 100% agree with you. I knew this would be more Kelis bashing. Wow, such a “fresh” perspective (Sarcasm).

    I hope Kelis gets EVERY DIME she is asking for!

  • Roc’ e’z

    Methinks the Congress, alongside the ‘Sicilian’ Familiy whose patriach drew up dis terms and sneaked this crazy Divorce Law into d constitution gets a “fixed percentage” everytime some dude has to pay some lass money for daring to say ‘bye-bye’, or how else cld dis absurdity could av lasted dis long??!!
    No wonder Chris Brown had to quickly take d initiative and pound Rih-Rih into d ground pronto before d whole tin turns into a money-draining bizness!
    Methinks it is hightime one of u dudes in d Congress or somewhere sneaks a clause into dis law which will allow for a dude to file for personal bankrupty and a ‘right for a change of country’ moments after d wife brings home d divorce forms from her Sicilian lawyer – before u got caught wit ur (otherwise zip-less) pants down again! I have spoken!