A spoof of Kiely Williams’ controversial “Spectacular” music video. The video produced by 1804 Films makes an exaggerated play on the original video heavily defended by Williams and her camp. The video drives a much needed awareness on date rape offering a comical spin on what is certainly no laughing matter.

Watch with caution.

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  • binky

    LMAO @ Disney bitches at the end

    But as the video as a whole I don’t know weather to laugh or shake my head but the video did have its funny parts. However, I find the spoof video more suitable for the song than the original

  • Brit

    did he slip her a roofie colada? date rape shouldn’t be this funny…

    • binky

      Yes, he did! And did you catch the part where all the random guys ran a “train” on her when she was doped up on the roofie? That is why I said I didn’t know weather to laugh or shake my head at it

      I don’t know if this spoof was suppose to be purely funny or relastic and funny

  • So I saw this video before seeing the original, & I was astonished that those were the real lyrics in the video. I thought it was part of the spoof.

    “WOW” is all I’ve got to say about the original. I laughed my ass off at the spoof. It was very well done, I think.

  • Sparkle

    LMAO! “Disney Bitches!”

  • Lish

    It was pretty funny..but see this version of the video was the truth….Williams denied these images.