Apart of Nightline’s “Face off” series, the much talked about debate “Why Can’t A Successful Black Woman Find A Man” airs tonight on ABC at 11:35pm (ET). Hosted by Vicki Mabrey and Steve Harvey, the panel features Sherri Shephard co-host of the “The View,” Jacque Reid co-star of VH1’s “Let’s Talk About Pep,” Jimi Izarel, author of “The Denzel Principle” and “CSI” star and author, Hill Harper. Umm…we can’t imagine what kind of new information will be shed on the issue. We’re all pretty exhausted with the topic.

Are you watching? Check out some snippets here

Photo Source: ABC

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  • Saw it. I thought it was fair. It showed that we can talk about our problems civilly, but we still have a way to go.

    It was 50/50 to me. *shrug*

  • Toni

    I didn’t watch it because 1) I don’t know who told Steve Harvey he’s some relationship guru FOH! 2) I’m tired of this so-called issue. I think a lot of single women (NOT ALL) are that way because they are so close minded. They have created this fairy tale man that doesn’t exist, or they do get approached by “Mr. Fairy Tale” and leave him hanging because they get bored or he’s too nice! Whatever, they just need to get over it!

  • Kamela

    I thought Hill Harper was gay? and this other dude who wants to date him. And Steve…please. I want to see men my age and that actually can get dates and are wanted giving advice not this bunch.

    • KJ

      Unless Hill Harper admits that it’s hard for him to find a good Black man as well, I won’t take anything he has to say seriously.

  • Park Avenue

    “Why Can’t A successful Black Woman Find A man?”… That was the title of the show???

    Didn’t see it & I have no wish to see it. I’ll NEVER make time to watch that kind of negative foolishness.

  • Alexandra

    Well I’m just catching up. I’m glad I missed it. It’s such a non-topic now.

    I was just about to write what thinkpink wrote. I agree with you 10000%.
    Theres so much more important black issues to talk about:

    Diseases, Crime, Poverty, Single parent homes, Teen pregnancy, Abortion, Health, Education, Abuse, etc;…
    But yet they somehow think single middle aged black women are more important. Propaganda.