Amidst the combusted Badu angst as a result of the ever-growing debate on whether the singer’s ‘Window Seat’ video is indecent, immoral or straight up illegal, Badu offers a kosher and comedic clarity to the music industry’s real ‘hoe shit.’ In a 2006 excerpt of the IFC documentary, Before the Music Dies, Badu goes in on music industry standards stating, “if you really wanna rocks somebody’s world and make it in the business, you gotta get you an ass implant. Get you some calf implants too if you gon’ be wearing those stilettos.”

Badu jokingly continues speaking explicitly on ‘hoe shit’ and pop culture’s fetishization of female bi-sexuality. Have a Badu laugh on us!

Before the Music Dies is now available on DVD. Learn more about this award-winning documentary and how to host a screening here.

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  • Crystal

    Hahahaha!!! funny, but oh so true!!

  • kalyn

    2006 butt nekkid Wednesdays – love it she’s too funny

  • A friend of mine who I showed this to asked if she shot the video for “Window Seat” on Butt Naked Wednesday. I really didn’t know what to say to that.

    This is a fantastic documentary though and I highly recommend it.