Fashion retailer Barney has plans to pay tribute to iconic model Iman. The 54-year-old Somali model will also receive the “Fashion Icon Award” at this year’s CFDAs. Barney’s creative director Simon Doonan is notorious for his fascinating window displays at the Madison Avenue store. Doonan will dedicate two full window displays to the influential model. According to Vogue UK, Doonan will feature a Bruce Weber portrait of the model with quotes from Diana Vreeland and her rocker husband David Bowie.

Iman’s windows will launch on May 11 and will run for three weeks. You be certain our New York correspondents will run over for snaps. Stay tuned for pics!

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  • It’s Somali not Somalian guys…. I’m not being rude, just thought I’d let you know. Great site! :D

    • Thanks YaaYaa – we changed it! Thanks so much for letting us know!


  • binky

    Iman is freaking GORGEOUS…loves her. Congrats on Barney celebrating her, she is and still is a force in the modeling world

  • Akai

    Iman is the shiz!

    Devastatingly beautiful and still gorgeous at 54!