From Black Web 2.o — So after waiting in line for about 4 hours I got my hands on a brand spankin’ new iPad and I must say it was worth it. While the experience is obviously familiar to the iPhone/iPod, iPad native apps interface beautifully in their own right. Additionally, the iPad offers more freedom from your laptop and the ability to move more towards becoming an increasingly digital culture. Check out my review below of some of the apps, the interface, and generally what I think about the iPad.

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  • Great review! I am actually now looking on the Apple website considering to make an Ipad purchase.

  • binky

    Great review but I think I’ am going to skip the iPad because right now it is hype and not really a must have item, their is bound to be a new generation of iPads coming out soon so I will wait and see.

  • Rands Amerpsands

    Its pretty useless for me, I really don’t have room or need for a device to carry around that can’t do the things my Macbook Pro laptop already can.