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  • Terri

    Ok Chris like the new sound and where you’re going with this thought I will warn you about looking so high during this video LMAO

  • missxray

    hmmmm all i c is chris falling into the disrespectful relm of vapid lyrics w/ club beats. this definitely isn’t new but for him ya…not surprised…smh so hard w/ shame at music directed toward teen to two something year olds probably one of the biggest influences we have and its garbage. the usual get money and “f*** b****es” mentallity oh wait no thats only the public image they persue because when a mixtape that no one listens to comes out they want to talk about how what we see is NOT the real them (artist). sticking to my indie artist who still believe that music is an illustrated version of your soul.

    • Chloe

      omg i thought i was the only one XD

  • Ann

    No Chris, stick with RnB please. I love your voice.