Correctional facilities in Alabama and South Carolina are exposing inmates infected with HIV/AIDS. Normally medical records are private, but in these prisons discretion is no longer the case. Prisoners will be required to take a HIV/AIDS test and, if they are positive, they must be identified to the prison population wearing an armband indicating their status. Not only that, infected inmates must live in a different unit with other infected cellmates.

According to the New York Times, men infected with the disease have blue dots on their badges and females have the name “HIV/AIDS Dorm” marked on their uniforms.

The Human Rights Watch and the American Civil Liberties Union National Prison Project collaborated on a 45-page report claiming this new law violates the rights of incarcerated persons with damaging effects of segregation.

Some would also argue that this prevents the illegal spread of HIV/AIDS among inmates. This seemingly harsh penalty could lead to a decrease in HIV/AIDS among other STDs in correctional facilities and possibly outside of prison walls.

What are your thoughts? Should prisoners carrying HIV/AIDS be marked?

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  • Keebo

    Yep, makes perfect sense.

  • sadrealities

    i think they are looking for a quick fix for a bigger problem within the prison system, which is the rape culture in prison. a scarlet letter isn’t going to do anything but just make them targets.

  • Crystal

    When I read this article the first thing I thought was marking a group people and segregating them will not cause them to not have sex. In fact some already infected with HIV/AIDS my think, well I already have this disease and so does he or she, we are in the same dorm, no need to care. This type of possible thinking can be very dangerous because this could lead to reinfection or “superinfection” which can lead to a mutation of HIV/AIDS that may be more drug resistant etc. Then the infected or reinfected prisoner coming out of jail quite could possibly have unprotected sex with an uninfected person, thus spreading this mutated form of HIV/AIDS and then this person has sex with another, and another and so on. I know this sounds extreme but this could possibly lead to a public health problem; and lets be honest, this is how HIV/AIDS spread in the first place, one person having unprotected sex with another person and that person having unprotected sex with another person and so on. Basically there needs to be a better solution and that solution needs to start with cold, hard and real education and safer sex practices, inside and outside of the prison population.

    • Detrice79

      Crystal There isn’t any real scientific proof of what u call “superinfection” and whoever thse people have unprotected sex with won’t necessarly transmit a more resistant kind of Hiv, either way these people already have HIV and I don’t think any potential victim or newly infected HIV positive person would be relieved to know they “only have a normal Hiv infection rather than a reinforced one” its still as endangering and life threatening/changing regardless.
      it s still up to us to protect ourselves,not to trust anyone and expect test results as proof.
      I personally think Its a great idea let’s not forget these people are STILL GOING TO RAPE other inmates regardless of whether we want to flaunt their civil rights or not ,these are prisoners,they gonna give it to your children,nephews,brothers now if u look at it under that perspective yyou won’t feel so keen to give all this freedom and rights to them .
      Let’s be wise for once without being self righteous morons.

      Yeah condoms are a good IDEA but what make u think these rapist animals are going to give a damn about wearing one?they don’t give a crap about infecting another mate especially if they re bound stay for a long time.
      I hope this division will be applied to all states.

  • yes, they should be! I think there needs to be an HIV list just like a sex offenders in your area list…….or sometng like it!

  • Akai

    A part deep down inside says “HAYELL TO THAT YES!” since males rape/sex each other in prison and inmates often get buck wild and throw their piss and sh*t at staff and others.

    Society is already spending billions providing beds, utilities, food, clothing and free medical care to criminal ingrates and if individual civil and privacy rights have to be sacrificed, that sacrifice should be made by those who (by default) forfeited those rights via breaking the law – not by victims, guards, staff and law-abiding citizens. However, there is this damn marshmallow liberal part of me that desires all humans be provided their rights and dignity and says “NO!”

    I will say that only an person who lacks self-respect would dare ever date a damn felon or individual that has treated the entry into prison like a revolving door or mark of manhood. And 95% of those incarcerated are guilty ass muthaf*ckas that belong there, so I don’t want to hear no shiz about some racist system framing po’ innocent souls and choirboys.

    Another truth of the matter is a lot of HIV+ black men are selfish as f*ck, think only of themselves, and have been key in passing the virus on to females. Personally I never found most AA men either physically or intellectually attractive so I never dated them, but those who do should definitely demand testing upfront and continuing condom use since that group leads the pack when it comes to numbers infected with HIV and sleeping around (15+ lifetime partners).