Correctional facilities in Alabama and South Carolina are exposing inmates infected with HIV/AIDS. Normally medical records are private, but in these prisons discretion is no longer the case. Prisoners will be required to take a HIV/AIDS test and, if they are positive, they must be identified to the prison population wearing an armband indicating their status. Not only that, infected inmates must live in a different unit with other infected cellmates.

According to the New York Times, men infected with the disease have blue dots on their badges and females have the name “HIV/AIDS Dorm” marked on their uniforms.

The Human Rights Watch and the American Civil Liberties Union National Prison Project collaborated on a 45-page report claiming this new law violates the rights of incarcerated persons with damaging effects of segregation.

Some would also argue that this prevents the illegal spread of HIV/AIDS among inmates. This seemingly harsh penalty could lead to a decrease in HIV/AIDS among other STDs in correctional facilities and possibly outside of prison walls.

What are your thoughts? Should prisoners carrying HIV/AIDS be marked?

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