Correctional facilities in Alabama and South Carolina are exposing inmates infected with HIV/AIDS. Normally medical records are private, but in these prisons discretion is no longer the case. Prisoners will be required to take a HIV/AIDS test and, if they are positive, they must be identified to the prison population wearing an armband indicating their status. Not only that, infected inmates must live in a different unit with other infected cellmates.

According to the New York Times, men infected with the disease have blue dots on their badges and females have the name “HIV/AIDS Dorm” marked on their uniforms.

The Human Rights Watch and the American Civil Liberties Union National Prison Project collaborated on a 45-page report claiming this new law violates the rights of incarcerated persons with damaging effects of segregation.

Some would also argue that this prevents the illegal spread of HIV/AIDS among inmates. This seemingly harsh penalty could lead to a decrease in HIV/AIDS among other STDs in correctional facilities and possibly outside of prison walls.

What are your thoughts? Should prisoners carrying HIV/AIDS be marked?

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  • Diva


    • Sia


  • 2010 Graduate

    This is tough. I’m sure we’ve heard about the recent event in which an HIV infected man was released from prison with the intent of spreading HIV/ AIDs. True, segregation and human rights are violated, but HIV/ AIDs infection rates are high in prison, whether it is through drug usage, intercourse, or any other type of event. Why not work on another method of decreasing HIV/ AIDs infection? The question is what do you prefer: Human rights of prison inmates or decreasing the infection rate in prison and outside of prison…let’s not forget how many African American women are infected with HIV/ AIDs because their partner was previously incarcerated and sexual or drug related activities occured.

  • Scarlet Letter: put A Big Red letter A on them lol..

  • Sigh

    Violation of Rights? They obviously violated someone’s rights or else they wouldn’t have been put in prison, therefore they should lose this particular right Yes, I think the the public should know there status. People need to be protected from these careless idiots. Children mainly. A desperate woman, that wants a man so bad,would bring someone like this in her household , aware or unaware, where he has access to her and her younger vulnerable children and infect them all.

    • Dear sigh

      This isn’t intended for the protection of the public. Once an inmate leaves prison they won’t be branded HIV infected, so regardless of a desperate woman’s situation she still won’t know his status unless she asks and same with the kid thing, I’m not really sure what you got from the article. I think, though it’s a murky situation, the powers that be are trying to cut down on the transmission rate in prison which not only has a rape culture, but let’s be real, being in prison for years does not put one’s sex drive on hold. Some men are just getting it on in prison and some men (not all) are not the targets of rape. But some men are the targets of rape, and I think ‘sadrealities’ has a point this might unfortunately this might make some inmates the target of violence.
      The thing to remember about HIV is that it’s such a stigmatized disease, and while it’s very easy to avoid transmission, people shouldn’t be punished for their sero-status.
      I hope someday soon the transmission of HIV slows to a crawl, but the reality of this situation is in the black community the rates are still climbing and instead of punishing people who have HIV however they contracted it instead of opening up about the disease and educate everyone about it we shun folks and perpetuate myths and mis-information.

  • Keisha

    Prisoners engage is sexual activity and I think that the HIV/AIDS infected prisoners should not be segregated from the general population but there should be something to distinguish their HIV/AIDS status so that fellow inmates and prison personel visually know their status. When you are sent to jail/prison you give certain rights. The goal of this is to reduce the number of HIV/AIDS infection in prisons. I do think that prisoners should be given access to male/female condoms.I’m probably the minority in this thinking.