Arizona’s new controversial law requiring all immigrants to carry documents verifying their immigration status has caused a firestorm that has left both politicians and the general public in a tailspin. In addition to card-carrying enforcement, Arizona police will be required to interrogate the immigration status of an individual if there’s “reasonable suspicion” that s/he is here illegally.
This tense issue has unearthed many concerns including national security, states’ rights, the law’s affect on democracy and blatant discrimination. To the latter point, the requirement of citizens to carry documents for fear of persecution is reminiscent of apartheid, and even pre-Civil War United states. Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell shares his view on the matter:

“I’m concerned about the whole idea of carrying papers and always having to be able to prove your citizenship. That brings up some shades of some other regimes that weren’t necessarily helpful to democracy.”

On the contrary, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has gone on record saying, “Continually enhancing border security is not only critical for border communities, but is a necessary part of any comprehensive attempt to fix our nation’s broken immigration system to make it work for the 21st century.”

This complex issue continues to unravel within the halls of Washington, and eventually down the streets and roads of the contiguous United States will no doubt challenge the opinions and perceptions and even the fabric of our society. Whether it’s for the better or worse remains to be seen.

Photo Source: CBS News

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  • Brittanicus

    Border state taxpayers would never suspect where their hard-earned dollars were going or any other taxpaying American? It’s been to house thousands of illegal aliens in prison, to pay their health care, school their children and so many other hidden programs. But you-know-what finally hit the fan? It was the upsurge of heinous criminal activity in Phoenix and surrounding towns. It has overwhelmed the city police, who unable to control the influx of criminals from across the border? The Governor and the Phoenix assembly had to enact laws to fight back. They were at the end of their desperate tether and had to do something–and do something immediately? The Liberal activist judges has trashed parts of the US constitution and interpreting laws from the bench enacted “Politically Correctness” which tied the hands of Arizona police enforcements.

    They wanted laws that protected the people from the growing activity of criminals, so that the police needed a law to questioning who was in the country legally and who was not? Voters of Arizona had enough of their wages being garnished to support the illegal alien occupancy and now changed the law under the governing hand of Jan Brewer. As long as anybody can remember the federal government has ignored any enforcement on the border. For a very limited time Federal troops patrolled the areas of illegal alien smuggling, but Washington had incapacitated them so they didn’t have the powers of arrest. They were only there as observers and in the capacity of laying roads and construction of the fence. Our government has failed to build the double border fence as initially perceived by draftee Rep. Duncan Hunter.

    The Bush administration had implemented new tools such as E-Verify. But Pro-illegal immigrant Senators as Harry Reid, majority house speaker Pelosi have tried to sacrifice enforcement tools as E-Verify and 287 G, police questioning program in different counties. Sen. Schumer introduced the Biometric card, likely as distraction, to starve the E-Verify application from the public and business attention? Currently Napolitano has cut budgets for the border patrol, ICE and other sections of the SAVE ACT. Then –as for Sen. John McCain? How expeditiously he has changed his mind about the invasion. First he was all for AMNESTY. Now he’s pushing for another anti-illegal immigrant plan. We just can’t trust any of them? BUT McCain IS CORRECT ON ONE POINT; WE NEED TO MILITARIZE THE BORDER–ARMED AND READY. The border region has become a bloody battlefield, with the potential of an all-out war between few, isolated Sheriffs and deputies with well-armed gunman with automatic weapons and grenades.

    THE QUESTION IS TO ASK WHY HASN’T THE NATIONAL GUARD NOT PICKETING THE DANGEROUS BORDER ALREADY? DO THEY HAVE SOME SECRET AGREEMENT WITH THE CORRUPT GOVERNMENT OVER THE BORDER LINE TO ADMIT CHEAP LABOR? Already over a trillion dollars has been appropriated to grease the wheels of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with no end in sight. WHY IS THE BORDER FENCE NOT CONSTRUCTED AS ORIGINALLY PLANNED? WHY HASN”T OUR GOVERNMENT APPROVED ENOUGH MONEY TO CONSTRUCT THE ORIGINAL FENCE? The first killing was Robert Kurtz, the humanitarian rancher, with a few less publicized deaths of Border Patrol Agents and police officers. Land owners live in fear of the next encounter while they are away from their barricaded homes. This danger may arise as illegal criminals become more active in the area.

    The left wing press has downplayed the danger in the Border States. Even a pro-amnesty governor as Bill Richardson, who issued drivers licenses to illegal immigrants has demanded the military on his border territory, which says something of the desperate plight. Arizona Being the first state just across the open border countless numbers of impoverished people have slipped past our thin undermanned line of Border patrol agents. In the last twenty years millions of foreigners circumvented our laws, to become a financial burden on every state in the union. This situation is not getting any better, but far worse as Democratic-Liberal influenced legislators have been offering even more welfare programs in Liberal run assemblies. We already have the 1986 immigration laws on the books and don’t need rescinding. If it had been enforced in the first place, we wouldn’t have this increasing population of illegal immigrants.

    The border remains wide-open in many places, as criminals are also appearing in increasing numbers in every town. Quietly screened by the government from view, foreign insurgents, who are being assisted by drug cartels and gang members are already here. The police who are in short supply along the border region, believe that drug dealers were responsible for the death of Robert Kruntz on his cattle ranch. Then there is the case of Robert Rosas, a US Border Agent gunned down on this side of the border, near San Diego by illegal immigrants in July 2009. My guess the press was asked to keep this murder a secret, because of the implications of people living in the border region?

    All those politicians implicated in keeping the border unsealed or involved in the pro-amnesty movement must be removed during primaries or any upcoming election. Learn more about AMNESTY, overpopulation growth, your money paying to support foreign nationals at NumbersUSA. Tell your government, we don’t need another financially devastating amnesty at 202-224-3121 Remember taxpayers money spent on illegal immigrants annually, would pay for our foreign wars.

  • binky

    I’ am on the fence with this law. On one hand, I think it could be helpful to the towns and locals police departments and helping secure our boarders by combating the problem, but on the other hand, this law leaves lots of room for error such as racial profiling, misconduct, human error, people who is not in law enforcement taking it upon themselves to force the law, etc. etc. It could be a good law if enforced and done correctly because as American ciitizens we alway have to have our id on us no matter what because if a cop stops you and you have no id, then that is a fine, well at least here in New Orleans. And if you think about it, we always have identification on us weather we know it our not, your state id, drivers id, insurance papers, social security card or number, etc etc.

    I think everything should be in moderation including this law. It just needs some strong guidelines and regulations of a series of checks and balances

  • Taylor

    OMG. I am really appalled that this magazine would even suggest that this is for the good? What? Hun? This is a terrible law. Yes they broke the law, hell yes they did. But guess what, so did many of our own ancestors when they stood up against unjust laws in the Jim Crow South. i am not trying to compare this to the racism faced by Blacks because it certainly isn’t about who’s oppression trumps whose. It’s about down right out racism. Nothing good can come from this. I am just so sad that Black women, the marginalized of the marginalized can’t see this. We need to progress. This is insane. Ultimately many African Americans will get profiled against as well. It is NOTHING ok about racial profiling, this is ludicrous.

    • Lauren

      And where did the magazine say that they were for it? Let’s read.