In today’s John Mayer news, the musician reveals his new found clairvoyance. E! News reports John Mayer spoke openly about Twitter at the ASCAP’s 2010 “I Create Music” Expo. Mayer says, “Every night I think about canceling my Twitter account.” The singer with millions of followers shares, “I just think Twitter as a form of communication– I think its over to be honest with you.” The outspoken singer adds that he doesn’t want to invent more ways to have haters.

Could the singer’s recent contempt of the popular social media site be due to the massive criticism he received via Twitter in response to his reckless comments in his Playboy interview? Mayer’s candid thoughts on black women and dating were certainly trending.

Let’s hope his 3.2 million so called haters or followers decides to unfollow him.

Photo Source: KCS/Splash News

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  • binky

    I never got on the twitter bandwageon…so I can’t say if it is or isn’t but John mayer isn’t the official spokesperson of if it is or not. but I think some celebs need to stop with the twittering it is really annoying the things they write and say

  • Mich

    Come on, he is a real showman that John C. Mayer. You think he has really left Twitter. Not so quick. A bunch of his funs have been gathering around someone twitting under incognito account http://twitter.com/unmaskd . And for a reason. Good show is what all media types really need.

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  • Hopefully only HIS tweeting is over. His publicist needs to be fired. Furthermore, as a social media enthusiast and Twitter user, it’s just getting started.