• EB

    Good grief.

  • Brit

    i see a bunch of beautiful women acting classless. they all need to stop and reevaluate some things.

  • Joanne

    Why r African American Women always hating on one another.
    Let these ladies do there thang , we should be proud of them they have made their mark in all male dominant rap industry, why can’t we all just support them and let them get there money on!!
    They will support the men while they r calling them Hoes And Bitches.
    SHAME ON AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN, We Need to Support one-another while r African American Men r dating and marrying another race. Wake Up Ladies.
    Good Luck to all of them

  • ashley

    I like the fact that they all collabo together, and now and days females dont do that BUT

    1. Lola monroe needs to stick to modeling, she doesnt look like a rapper at all.
    2. Kandi…i just love her to death, i actually thought her part was GREAT!
    3. toya- it was real intresting to see her rapping…#cute.
    4. Diamond- always keep it real…i love her.
    5. Rashedda- was alright but i dont know her…