Get a head start in your job search whether you’re actively seeking work right now or just getting started. It’s never too early to make smart moves, and it could make the road ahead a lot less bumpy.

Order your credit report…NOW!
You’ve heard this one before, I know. But I’m telling you again because you don’t want something on your credit report to be the only thing holding a potential employer back from making you a great offer. What a waste after four years of hard work! Reports are free at Be sure to get all three reports from each of the major credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion) because each report may contain different information. And, while you’re at it, check-up on your FICO score. It’s worth the few dollars. If you do find that there are problems on one or more of your reports, call the bureau to find out what the next step what the next step is. Girl, Get Your Credit Straight! by Glinda Bridgforth, is an excellent source in all things credit related.

Build savings that grow…NOW!
You can do this, job or no job (I know you’ve gotten some graduation gift money, don’t play!). Starting a wealth account-and growing it is a priority! Why, you might wonder? Three words: The current recession. That’s all.

Have a professional proof your resume…NOW!
Invest in your immediate future, and get someone to go over your resume if you’re not skilled in this area. Companies aren’t spending time going through all the resumes it receives. Special technology helps separate the resumes that include keywords the company is looking for from those that don’t. A professional can help make sure your resume is a part of the “in” stack. An alternative would be to get a friend or acquaintance with a discriminating eye to do you the favor.

K.I.TNOW! And often
Your college career may have ended, but the relationships you’ve established don’t have to. So, keep in touch with your professors. They know, and continually meet people, in your industry! This is networking at it’s best. The hard part is over. Introductions have already been made and  relationships have been established. All you have to do now is nurture those relationships. Staying in touch can lead you to your first big opportunity, and bigger and better ones down the road!

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  • Bbelle

    This is the best advice, and although I just graduated a few weeks ago I’ll pass it along to everyone I know. I’m apprehensive to see my credit score because I’ve only recently begun to establish some credit but this was the kicker I needed.

    *as an aside, Clutch magazine is constantly providing material for my demographic of young black woman and its refreshing.

  • I’m graduating this July, but classes have ended now. I’ve started looking. It’s a shame that we have to graduate into this climate, but there has to be work somewhere. No fancy, well paying jobs will be coming our way for now, but with the amount of people who have been made redundant, who can complain? Time to put the snobbery away and do what it takes to pay the bills and clear those debts.

  • binky

    This is a wonderful article, even though I have a few semester to go, this is really helpful and useful, I’ll be sure to pass this advice along