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  • Me27

    This song is stupid!

  • saradoubleu

    dude…stop it! This has way too many clichés for it to even be taken seriously

  • Where is Janelle Monae?

    This is garbage. Bobby is a waste of musical talent. It is really sad what some of people are doing to the RnB genre. And, it is even sadder how men are portraying women in videos.

    CLUTCH-CAN YOU PUT JANELLE MONAE’S NEW SONG/VIDEO “TIGHTROPE” ON THE SITE? That song is dope and she is fully clothed (like she always is).

  • 1) …Every music video cliche was in this one clip.
    2) Notice how she didn’t actually “buy” anything while in the mall i.e. she had no shopping bags, thus they were just window shopping (even for “ballers”, it’s a recession).
    3) I guess this shaved-side thing is the new trend, smh
    4) I’ve had enough

  • vajayjay

    Its clear Bobby-boy has fallen on hard times!