• MariahC

    HealthyBlackQueens Why is he not able to express himself. Just because she doesn’t write her own music, therefore she can’t make references to him doesn’t make him neither tacky nor immature. You’re looking to narrow minded!

  • pimpemyung

    get off the domestic violence bs when america is the no 1 nation for drugs and was built off violence. half yall talking men probably beating the hell out of you and the men probably beating there women. stop saying what you will or wont do because when love goes bad emotions take over. he was 19 -you live you learn you die.

  • pimpemyung

    song is hot

  • pimpemyung

    another thing is there is no difference between physical hitting a woman/man and emotionally tearing her/him down.

  • skala

    cool video, i need to get it on my phone.