Ladies listen. Don’t sleep on this week’s crush. Actor Aldis Hodge has the p word–Potential. But it’s not that kind of “I’m getting my hustle on pushing these oils and incense kind of potential. It’s a real sho-nuff potential. 23-year-old Aldis is a New Yorker who plays the violin, writes and paints. OOW! We’re feeling Aldis for his unforgettable smile and homeboy next door charm. Oh, did we mention his booming television career? Aldis has appeared in small screen shows from our coveted ‘Girlfriends,’ ‘Friday Night Lights’ and the TNT dramatic series ‘Leverage’ where he portrays Alec, a techie hacker and self-proclaimed sci-fi loving geek. Alec is no Urkel, he’s a sort of 21st Century kind of nerd and you younger Clutchettes should get into it!

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  • He’s really quite talented not to mention lovely to look out. Leverage is a smart, well-written show that folks should check out if they get a chance…

  • daphne

    Smart, handsome, and talented. I’m not sleep….I’m wide awake lol.

  • Ali Kat

    I totally agree – Aldis has tons of potential! He’s the man. :)

  • agreed. *sigh*

  • Eva

    I remember his brother from this show called Jack & Bobby and I must admit, I would argue that his brother is cuter lol But they look very similar