The news broke yesterday that NBA baller Dwyane Wade’s wife filed a lawsuit against the Miami Heat player’s girlfriend, actress Gabrielle Union. The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Wade’s wife claims Union “engaged in sexual foreplay with Wade” in front of Wade’s 8-year-old and 2-year-old sons during an unsupervised visit at Wade’s Miami home according to the suit filed Tuesday in the Cook County Circuit Court.

Most prominent in the suit is the claim by Wade’s wife that Dwyane Wade allegedly orchestrated a meeting during a visitation between Union and his two sons formally introducing Union as his “girlfriend” and stated, “that is why your mom and I are going to divorce,” according to the suit. Mrs. Wade claimed the sexual foreplay in front of the boys and the orchestrated meeting meant to introduce the children to their future stepmother caused emotional distress. Reports reveal the older child sought medical treatment for stress, anxiety, nervous habits, headaches and “significant” hair loss causing bald spots according to the suit.

Siohvaughn Wade and her children are seeking more than $50,000 from Union at a trail.

This seems to be a new legal trend and perhaps a precedent for the law books. Last month a North Carolina wife successfully sued her husband’s mistress for 9 million dollars citing “severe emotional distress.” Siohvaughn Wade’s suit of Union for only $50, 000 suggests she is making more a statement rather than seeking funds, which she obviously doesn’t need.

Siohvaughn and Dwyane Wade were together since they were 15 years-old and have been separated for some time. Their divorce is in proceedings according to the suit filed.

Is this fair? Is Gabrielle Union really the cause of emotional distress here?

Or is Siohvaugn Wade seeking a way to get back at Dwyane Wade for leaving her for Gabrielle Union?


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