The rumor mill is stirring in reports that Ciara’s “Ride” video featuring Ludacris is banned by BET. According to Ciara’s fan site Ultimate-Ciara:

“Although fans were already skeptical about BET being the only network that had not premiered Ciara’s “Ride” video. It was not until last night that fans were TRULY enlightened. During Ciara’s Ustream chat, Ciara’s grandma Grandma Gladys let a “cat out of the bag.” Ironically though, many “non-family friendly” music videos have been shown on the channel in the past. “Ride” has not been accepted onto the network.”

Ciara fans took their disappointed to Twitter tweeting @BET and @106andPark, even show hosts Rosci and Terrance sharing their outrage. No official statement released from BET or Ciara on whether the network officially banned the video. Similar reports surfaced last month concerning Teairra Mari’s “Sponsor” video claiming the network decided against airing the video because it encouraged women to use sex for money. Seemingly after the singer’s “106 and Park” appearance where she explained the song and video’s intent, the network decided to air the video which now can be seen on

How do you feel about the rumored ban? Is this a double-standard? The network regularly airs videos by male artists showing racy images of female dancers and models.

Or is the network finally taking a step in a more responsible direction?  Sound Off!

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  • Miss Phyllis

    This is crazy!!! I see nothing wrong with the video. Her video and lyrics are no more racier than Rhianna’s…talking about “c’mon rude boy can you get it up…c’mon rude boy is it big enough” Both artists are talking about sex and both vids are suggestive. So why ban Ciara’s and not Rhianna’s? I agree, get over it BET and play the video because that is what the people want to see. There is a lot worse being aired on TV.

    • You are a woman that likes that video, so you are telling me you see nothing wrong with her standing there with a bikin on shaking her middle part in the camera and singing about riding? They should ban all these vulgar videos. Just because she is doing it does not mean she has to sing about it. I get my menstrual cycle, so I’m going to make a song about it. Lol,

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