CLUTCH was on hand yesterday afternoon as BET President of Music Programming and Specials Stephen Hill, Diddy-Dirty Money and Queen Latifah announced the nominations and performances for the 10th Annual BET Awards. Among the special surprises, Stephen Hill announced Queen Latifah as this year’s host. It was also revealed teen pop sensation Justin Bieber will be nominated in the show’s “Best New Artist” category. Let just say eyebrows raised. Bieber joins Nicki Minaj, Melanie Fiona, Wale and Young Money for this year’s pack of celebrated newcomers.

This clearly isn’t a question about race. BET has showed love to non-Black artist for years. Including R&B crooners like Jon B, Justin Timberlake, Robin Thicke and hip hop artist Eminem. Oh, can’t forget about Teena Marie (R.I.P Rick James). But does Justin Bieber even appeal to the BET audience?

On the other hand the 16-year-old artist has appeared on the network’s music variety show 106 and Park who along with the BET Awards celebrates its 10th year. Bieber performed hit song “Baby” to a considerably composed crowd–definitely not his usual audience of hysterical teen girls.

Is this a ploy for Bieber fever? Or more plainly, ratings?

The BET Awards is cable’s largest award show. But do typical Bieber fans even watch BET?

While Bieber inks a nod, Monica whose single “Everything To Me” has been dominating R&B charts for the past 16 weeks was snubbed in the “Best Female R&B Artist” category. Nominations went to Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Melanie Fiona, Alicia Keys and Rihanna. Monica resorts to duking it out with Beyonce, Jay Z, Rihanna, Trey Songz and Young Money for the “Viewer’s Choice” award. Erykah Badu was also categorically dissed. No nods whatsoever for the “Window Seat” big sister in our head. Not even for “Video of the Year.” Hey, why not?

We can enjoy performances this year by Diddy-Dirty Money, Trey Songz, Nicki Minaj and Drake. More performers will be announced closer to the show date. The BET Awards airs live Sunday, June 27 at 8pm with a live stream on

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  • Candy

    Wow, when a black dude gets a big break on a white orientated awards show such as oscars its the best thing ever but when the tables turned it just proves how much we still got a long way to go

    • @Candy, exactly. I don’t see why it is a bad or strange thing. When the opposite occurs everyone is full of praise.

    • Akai*


      I once read something like 80% of Rap/Hip-Hop was purchased by caucasians, so why would Bieber fans not be expected to watch BET??

      Were someone to even remotely suggest the American Music Awards or Grammys only include whites, people would rightfully protest such silliness. And, even though the writer insisted the question ‘was not about race’, it sure as shit came off that way to me especially since Pop’s targeted demographic has always been the youth.

      Anyway BET is owned by Viacom and Viacom can nominate/award whomever they please.

  • Zaza

    I guess because hes made so much money and success from black influenced music,that it would be foolish for them to ignore such a cashcow,no matter the actual quality of the music.

  • Jazz

    Well, BET is in no danger of me tuning in to any of its programming any time soon, including the BET awards, Bieber or no Bieber. The last time I went out on a limb and took a peek at the BET awards; preteen girls were on stage dancing to a song about effing “every girl in the world”. Oh , and their parents were not only there, (well one actually rapping the song), but they,and I can only assume BET, sanctioned that mess.

    Really, as several people said, we shouldn’t be that surprised by the Bieber nomination, YET snubs to Monica and Badu. (which I think is really a damn shame), but they have an incarcerated Li’l Wayne (AKA Spike the gremlin) nominated in a bunch of categories, I’m sure. Its all about ratings and money.

    No thanks, BET.