Jaden Smith, the youngest son of mega star Will Smith joins teen pop sensation Justin Bieber in the video for the duo’s ‘Never Say Never’ song featured on the soundtrack of upcoming film ‘The Karate Kid.’ Jaden stars in the remake of the popular 80’s film shot in China. The movie co-stars Jackie Chan and Tariji P. Henson. Jaden follows in his father’s footsteps flexing acting chops and rap skills spitting, “No pun intended I was raised by the power of Will.” We love it!

‘The Karate Kid’ is in theaters June 11th!

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  • Jay

    Is Justin Beaver pimping black folks or are we pimping him? so far a toss up.

  • FT

    Aaawww… Jayden is sooo cute with the “rapping” and dancing! Everyone has their own opinion but for his age he can do whatever and this will be sold out so whatever…

  • Wow, Just when you think pop couldn’t get any worse! Jaden is a cutie but he should leave the bad rapping and poor lyrics to … I was gonna say his dad but that would be wrong!

  • awww this is cute. Obviously it’s not intended to target us, but the little girls that are already huge fans of these two are going to love it!

  • klk

    you are so cute jaden u are i wont to know if your dad will smith will let you talk to girl u can this keep me in touck i love you sexy baby