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  • Love Child

    She looks beautiful. On another note on her playing Winnie Mandela.
    I love Jennifer and I think she is a great singer and ok actress who got lucky.
    There is no way she could play this role so well. I am from South Africa, and I’m a Xhosa woman just like Winnie Mandela, and our language is the most difficult language in our country, and so is our accent. And our accents depend on where you grew up and what school you went to. I don’t think Jennifer respects WInnie much, because, Jamie Foxx sat with Ray Charles and learnt him, she hasn’t even met Winnie and she is going to play her according to what white racists think about her. That woman fought during apartheid, and was a pillar of strength, no white idiot could ever get her. They see her as a threat, and she is going to play her according to what people think, and not what and who she is.
    So I do not think she will do her any justice.

    • Soul Touch

      I tend to agree with you Love Child

      As a JA fan of African movies (particularly, ghanaian and nigerian film industry) there are many women of Africa (including South Africa, like Terry Pheto) who could have played that role wonderfully.