• Lisa

    I’m really bothered by this video. As a dark skin female, I guess I’m supposed to be happy that these men are celebrating my beauty, but instead I feel like this video is compensating for the lack of dark skin female vixens in music videos generally. Instead of singling out dark skin females in ONE video, artists should do more to celebrate the various shades of blackness in ALL music videos.

  • hehe

    i do not care for nor do i need these negroes to try to make me feel special, wanted or love, because i am dark!!!! especially R.Kelly’s nasty ass, does he think this will revive his career, now that i think of it aren’t both the other two “washed-up” as well!!! this reminds me of when one of those lil’ bubble gum R&B crooners made a comment about needing dark chick to buy his record, AFTER making a comment about not like/dating them!!! uuugggghhhh!!!!! i feel like i stepped in poop and i can’t scrape it off my McQueen’s!!!!!

    • Why such anger? None of the guys are washed up. They all have been laying low to enjoy life w/o the media. In fact R.Kelly has been writing for many other artist therfore he makes more money writing, Mario is seeking a higher level of education and Lil Jon has been enjoying his wife and Kids. I love my darkness and I Love the video.

  • vajayjay

    This crap looks like an IKEA ad for ig’rant black folk – Are they cashing in on Kelly’s trapped in the closet phase.

  • vajayjay

    So I guess when these children are given the black/white doll experiment they will point to the chocolate dolly?

  • Is this supposed to be my anthem? Laughable. Am I ungrateful? Yes. Artists don’t think your celebrating us by singling us out just be inclusive of ALL women.Try again.