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  • H

    why is this video so low budget ahahahaha??!!!

    i thought this was young moolah baby??

    song’s okay, video is WACK!!!

  • Brit

    this….this feels like a joke.

  • educated

    This video was a waste of my life. There needs to be more artist like Lauryn Hill and 2-Pac in the main stream. All Lil Wayne talks about is b*tches and money and his artist under Young Money are no different. Day by day music is becoming garbage and people are still praising it. It makes me wonder if the lyrics are actually being heard or just the chorus. I like Nikki as a artist, but she needs to make a u-turn on the route shes on. I liked the Foxy, Lil Kim mix she had back in the day. Now its just………. I dont really need to explain.

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