According to The Hollywood Reporter, pioneering rap group N.W.A’s story has plans for the big screen. The film will be produced for New Line Cinema by former group member Ice Cube and Easy E’s widow Tomica Woods-Wright. No release date yet reported.

Andrea Berloff, the screenwriter for Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center will document the biopic. Criticism has ensued because Berloff is a White woman. THR discusses the growing Hollywood trend of White writers developing Black-themed films. Forthcoming pictures based on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Richard Pryor and Rick James are all reportedly written by White writers. Other notable biopics like Ali and Ray were developed by a seemingly multi-cultural team of writers–however these Oscar-nominated films were widely anchored by prominent Black screenwriters, Gregory Allen Howard and James L. White respectively. With Ice Cube and Easy E’s widow both on board, seems Berloff may be brought in for technical documentation. The film is still in the works, perhaps a more diverse team of writers will be appointed.

Do we take issue with White screenwriters developing films based on iconic African Americans? Speak on it!

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