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  • Sparkle

    This outfit wasn’t the best choice for her own movie premiere. Those boots were a bad idea! But she still looks radiant

  • Me27

    The close-up is pretty. Her make-up, hair, and earrings are cute. I like the dress, but it just isn’t formal enough for a movie premiere; it looks more like she’s headed to dinner with the girls. I HATE the boots and tights.

  • Monzi

    The shirt dress was great… everything else… not! The belt worked of course, but the tights/pants/whatever were unnecessary, she’s shown a little leg before and it’s nothing hideous. The boots were too garish and the earring too flashy to go with that dress. Le Sigh… but I wouldn’t mind if she passed that shirt dress over my way :-) we’re even the same size lol